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លេលាបការពារស្បែកធម្មជាតិNatural Baby lotion 200ml phalla0122

Custom Product Id :#phalla0122

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The skin of a baby is much more fragile than the one of an adult. Their hydrolipidic layer is thin therefore leaving the skin more exposed to outside aggressions and friction of clothes. For this purpose and to help maintain your child’s skin hydration we have developed a lotion using only natural products and essential oils safe for a daily use. The combination of rice bran oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil will protect your child’s skin from exteal aggressions and it will keep it from drying out by providing an in-depth hydration. It will also reduce irritation and increase cell repair. We guarantee that this natural product is a 100% safe and contains no chemical or product that could harm your child’s health in any way. We strive to formulate products that are good for you and your children!

-បរិមាណ ការខ្ចប់វេចប្រកបដោយបច្ចេកទេសខ្ពស់ មានអនាម័យល្អ។

-ផលិតផលសុទ្ធល្អ ផលិតនៅកម្ពុជា ផ្សំដោយរុក្ខជាតិធម្មជាតិ

-ធានាគុណភាពល្អ តម្លៃសមរម្យ

-សេវារហ័ស ទុកចិត្ត និងកាន់តែជឿជាក់


Email : limyousour@yahoo.com

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